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Before Making an Appointment…
Please note the following:

We do provide…

medications for our patients through the TLC Pharmacy (if available) at no cost, however we do not fill prescriptions from any other provider. For outside prescriptions we can provide you with a discount card that can be used at any of the major pharmacies in town and will save you anywhere between 20-60 percent of the retail cost.

All of our services are free however some of our referrals may not be. In most cases basic Lab work and x-rays will be covered through partnership arrangements. Each outside referral is done on a case-by-case basis, please check with the agency you are referred to for payment guidelines.

We do not provide…

physicals,  “well” visits or any OB-GYN type of appointments. We predominantly serve adults.
PVCHC, El Paso County Health Department, and the state of Colorado have programs for children and pregnant women (CHP+).